Blackberry Patch Cookbook Blog

Blackberry Patch Cookbook Blog.


Blackberry Patch Cookbook Blog

The dog days of summer sure are here and somewhere between the buzz of Indian Summer locusts and the deafening silence of new fallen snow is a fleeting, exhilarating bliss known as Autumn,  It arrives in radiant splendor, summoning our primal urges to feather our nests..  The aroma of coffee or tea and soups is more enticing and we find a hundred ways to savour an apple.  Cords of seasoned hickory are staked outside in anticipation of a roaring hearth and we greet the longer nights with cozy bedclothes.  We refresh our sweater supply and stock up on candles sensing the dramatic excitement that rivals the energy of those scurrying bushy tails.

Stroll through these posts as though immersed in the Kentucky woods come October!

Blackberry Lady, Betty